Low-Tox Spot Removal Gift With Purchase

It's no secret that we love a white shirt, but stains and coffee spillages always seem to happen the day we wear them - does this happen to anyone else?!

A good stain remover has always been high on the shopping list. We tend to always look out for quality ingredients that won't damage our clothes over time and bonus points for locally made!

When we came across Scentless Soaps, it was love as first spot-removal. Our cherry-juice splattered white Elba Shirt was quickly treated by this little bar of gold and voilà - she was restored to her former glory!

After the rough couple of years we've all had, you deserve to feel relieved that your garments are in good hands. We're offering free spot remover sticks as a gift with purchase for all orders over $350, or until stock is sold out.

Interested in knowing more about this local, handmade product? Read on for our Q&A with maker- extraordinaire Jill Benson.

What inspired you to start making soaps
I started making soap years ago when I was a stay at home mum,

and I had a friend who made her own amazing lavender soaps. After many years I picked

up again because I needed to remove as much toxins, plastics and fragrances as I could from our home due to illness.

How long have you been doing it for? 
I made soap many years ago when my children were little but returned to it 3 years ago and have been in business for just over 2 years now.

How did you learn to make the soaps? 
I had a friend who taught me her recipes originally, but when I picked it up again 3 years ago – I found so much great information on forums and blogs that I added to my existing knowledge base to formulate my own new recipes.

Do you have any help when you're creating the soap? 

I prefer to make have peace and quiet around me to concentrate on the soap making process as I hot process my soap (basically it’s cooked until it finished it saponification process). I do have the help of my amazing husband at craft shows and local markets.

What's your favorite product in your range?

I love making our ‘Dish washing Bowls’ as I love how they look in the kitchen and how much plastic they stop going to land fill.

What's your favourite part of running your business?
I love hearing the feedback I get from those who have been helped by replacing some of the fragranced products in their homes and the impact this has had on their health. Unfortunately many are suffering from an overload of chemicals, in particular fragrances.

What's the most challenging part of running a small business?
I find being constant with energy levels a struggle at time and need to make and effort to get involved with a local ‘women in business’ group to stay current with social media trends etc.

Jill has a range of beautiful zero waste, toxin and fragrance free products available in her online store including vegan soaps, gift sets and even dog shampoo!